Princess Manyata A runaway bride?

Princess Manyata A runaway bride?

Princess Manyata  A runaway bride?

Future track of the show will have Manyata running away from her wedding with Udayveer to be with her first love Akash…

Rumours are ripe about Sony TV show Dekha Ek Khwaab ending its journey on television and this has left production house in a fix. Production house is trying its best to salvage the situation and are introducing new twists to keep it going.
Current track is promising the viewers a lavish wedding of Manyata (Priyal Gor) and Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor). However, if sources are to be believed then there will be no wedding!
Manyata will play the part of runaway bride and will leave everything behind for her first love Akash/Aryan (Abhishek Rawat) and in turn infuriate her family members.
However, this is not all that is in store for the viewers' .The biggest twist is that Manyata will not marry Akash either – A shocker for everyone!
Tellybuzz tried getting in touch with Priyal Gor but she was unavailable for comments. We spoke to Ankita Bhargava who said – "Many twists are being incorporated in the show. Viewers will have to wait and watch."

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