Unnati to Fight Back in Dekha Ek khawb!

Volte-Face for Ankita Bhargava's character in Dekha Ek Khwab!

Volte-Face for Ankita Bhargava's character in Dekha Ek Khwab!

Ankita Bhargava who plays princess Unnati in Sony Tv's Dekha Ek Khwaab will add a new dimension to her character and will support her brother vocally

Fans of the serial so far have seen Princess Unnati as a very silent, beautiful character, who understand everything and is juts. She speaks out her mind truthfully and always supports her brother Udayveer (Ashish Kapoor). However, the audience will now see a defiant streak in here character!
In upcoming episodes (from next week) viewers will see a big change in Unnati's behaviour.  Her anger will know n bounds and like a woman scorned will literally try to burn Jay (Shritama Mukherjee) down to ashes. Unnati will stand up for her brother and be a staunch supporter. She will not allow anyone to hurt him and will raise her voice for the first time.
We contacted Ankita Bhargava and she informed us-"Yes ,viewers will finally see Unnati turning a lioness and a little psychotic. I can relate more to this new Unnati who stands up for people she loves. "
We are sure all avid lovers of the show are waiting with bated breath for this 'New Unnati'! 

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