I don’t want a six pack: Ram Kapoor

Picture this, a 40 year-old, heavy-set man enters a banquet and the frenzied crowd erupts in a loud applause. Yes, such is the charm of Ram Kapoor, also known as tellywood's Shah Rukh Khan

The actor, who has made the age 40 sexy on-screen, walked in wearing a casual black tee but won the crowd over with his unstarry demeanour and unmatched wit. He readily posed for pictures with the star-struck crowd and soon had the people crooning Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Your character in the serial is fond of Alu Paratha. What about real life?
I love food, so much so, that the dictionary-makers have just put my photograph under the slang foodie! However, I am a hardcore non-vegetarian and normally wouldn't even step into a vegetarian place. As far as parathas are concerned, my only favourite is the Keema Paratha. Among vegetarian dishes, I like Kaali Dal.

Have you been to Kolkata before?
This is my third visit to Kolkata. I had once come for an ad shoot. Another time, I was assisting a director and we were shooting in Sonagachchi when suddenly, the place was raided by police. We were mistaken for clients and were taken in a police van. So, on my first visit to Kolkata, I spent two hours in jail!

In the show, Amruta Mukherjee plays your daughter Pihu. Has she taught you any Bengali words?
Amruta hasn't taught me any Bengali words because I am the one who has to make her memorize her dialogues.

What do you think makes the producers cast you when there are suave and slim guys all around?
I think I am a refreshing change for the audience. They connect with the realism. My USP is that I am comfortable and confident in my skin. So when Ekta Kapoor thought of the character of Ram Kapoor in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain as the typical potbellied 40 plus man, she just thought of me. Sakshi (Tanwar) and I were very clear that we have to be real and not fall prey to stereotypes.

Are you conscious of your weight?
No yaar. Who wants a six-pack when you have a whole keg? But yes, if I do lose weight, it will only be for health reasons. One of these days, my daughter will come and say, why don't you lose weight dadda?

What are your next television projects?
Nothing, as of now. I am just concentrating on the serial which is on air now. For the time being, films are my priority.

You were seen in Karthik Calling Karthik, Udaan and recently Ek Main Aur Ekk Tuu and Agent Vinod. Any new projects lined up?
I have five films lined up. One is Mere Dad Ki Maruti where I play an over-the-top Punjabi guy. Then, I have Student Of The Year where I am not the nice guy. I am also there in Nagesh Kukonoor's Laxmi, Mira Nair's God Room and Maee, which is also Asha Bhonsle's acting debut. Your character of a villain in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was not really appreciated by your fans.

What made you accept another negative character in SOTY?
Do you think it is easy for me to say no to Karan Johar? It is easy for me to play a good guy for next 10 years and earn good money, but if I have to keep challenging myself, I have to take on more challenging roles. That is why, you will see, my character in one film is very different from the other. We wanted to make this as real as possible and not fall into the trap of a typical Hindi soap.

Who is your idol in this industry?
Amitabh Bachchan.

Can you recount any instance where a fan left you speechless?
Once a boy came and hugged me and said he wants to be reborn as my son.

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