Amrit aka Eijaj Khan to die in Shubh Vivah!

Amrit aka Eijaj Khan to die in Shubh Vivah!
Amrit aka Eijaj Khan to die in Shubh Vivah!

The latest rumour making way is that Amrit’scharacter portrayed by Eijaj Khan in Sony TV’s Shubh Vivah will soon come to an end with his death.

As we know, the show that kick started with an interesting concept failed to impress viewers and since then the show has been under the scanner for several reasons. The biggest rumour doing the round was that the show would be going off-air. 

There have also been constant speculations of Eijaz Khan who plays the main lead, being unhappy with his role. But here's some breaking news! Eijaz Khan aka Amrit will soon die in Shubh Vivah. As per sources, the upcoming episodes of the daily will take an interesting turn when Amrit (Eijaz Khan) will bring Sarla (Aashka Goradia) to his house and this will not go down well with his wife Saroj (Neha Janpandit). 

Amrit will romance Sarla in front of his wife to disgrace and torture her. What follows is a huge fight between the couple and in an attempt to save herself Saroj will end up killing Amrit. This particular sequence will be aired on Monday.

Let’s see if the death sequence helps the show bag high TRPs!

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