Byah Hamari Bahu Ka Story and Cast

This is the story of Krish and his soul mate Rajnibala. Gopikishan or Krish (as he is lovingly called)  who has not been bitten by the love bug, takes one look at the beautiful Rajnibala and realises that she is his soul mate. Overlooking his fiancĂ© Paulomi’s opinion -- who counsels him to be sure before taking the plunge– Krish decides to follow his heart. Paulomi, like a true friend and support system, stands by Krish‘s decision, camouflaging her own heartbreak. The marriage takes place with great fanfare and Krish and Rajnibala become man and wife.
Like most classic love stories this one too has all the trappings ; love at first sight, rich boy, poor girl, family opposition, etc. But truth is stranger than fiction. 

And from here starts a roller coaster ride of two star crossed soul mates whose destiny takes them to incredible highs and lows after which they both realise and raise many a relevant questions pertaining to societal norms on the sanctity of marriage. 

Does the story have a happy ending ? Or does happiness have a totally different interpretation from person to person ? One will get all the answers as this page turning love story unfolds itself day after eventful day.

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Gopi Kishan /Krish
Lead Actor
24-25 Years
He is a very enterprising businessman and has worked efficiently to take his family’s milk business (krishna dairy) to an international level.
He is very impulsive in nature and follows his instincts in work and  9 out of 10 times his instincts are proven right…however the same does not prove true in matters of love.
He considers paulomi as his best friend and partner for life as she understands him best but he mistakes that for love and get engaged to her…only to fall head over heels in love with rajnibala when he first sets eyes on her.

Krish’s love interest
22 Years
She is very soft spoken, nubile and a gentle girl and extremely pretty.
She has to be told what to do
She is working with a group of marriage coordinators.
She is not educated and has not seen the world.
Her world exists in the television which she loves to watch.
She comes from a very poor family.

Krish’s FiancĂ©/ bestfriend             
23-24 Years
She has a heart of gold and is deeply in love with Krish.
She is Krish’s best friend and his business partner, friend, philosopher, guide.
Yashoda (krish’s mother) doesn’t like her as she doesn’t understand their family traditions and always keeps correcting her.
She can do anything for Krish

Krish’s Grand Mother
75-80 Years
She has seen very hard times in her younger days as she lived in povery and was ill treated by her husband so was very happy when her husband died
Now in her old age she has is a miser and a hoarder and believes her whole family is wasting her hard earned money.
She is always taunting her bahu yashoda but deep down she loves her and knows yashoda will handle her eccentricities.
She keeps on cribbing about things and keeps on taunting people specially her bahu.

Krish’s Mother
50 Years
Has no issues with Baa and Baa gets irritated due to this reason.
She is very soft spoken and believes a lot in religious rituals.
She is a very traditional lady but not old fashioned.
She doesn’t like Paulomi.
Her body reacts to shocking emotional news and she gets allergies, asthma attacks and can even go into a coma.

Krish’s Father
55-60 Years
Only son of Baa.
He is a retired man, extremely gentle in nature.
He feels women should be handled with care and given lots of love

Krish’s Sister
17-18 Years
She is spendthrift and shopaholic
She is a big Ranbir Kapoor fan
She is unwillingly indebted to  baa as baa had donated her kidney to her and saved her life. Baa keeps taunting her on this.
She doesn’t like baa taunting her mother yashoda.

Poulomi’s mother
55 Years
She is a painter and is very bohemian by nature.
She concerned for her daughter paulomi who loves krish as she can sense that krish does not love her daughter. 
She has been separated from her husband due to constant fights between them.

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