Mona not Pregnent in KHTV!

Mona's pregnancy confusion in Kya Hua Tera Vaada!
Mona's pregnancy confusion in Kya Hua Tera Vaada!
Balaji Telefilms' Kya Hua Tera Vaada on Sony TV is gearing up for some powerful drama. The buzz making its way says that Mona (Mona Singh) will become the center of stage when news of her expecting a baby will blow out to all.

There will be a confusion in the show, wherein Pradeep (Pawan Shankar) will be in a state of shock when Mona admits that she is carrying Vineet's (Darshan Pandya) baby. Meanwhile, Pradeep's father will yell at him and hold him responsible for everything that is happening.

However, the interesting track will soon unfold more punches and dramatic things in the upcoming episodes. Taani (Priya Chauhan) confides in Gia about her pregnancy and when she breaks the news to Madhav (Karam Rajpal), he completely denies it. This leaves her angry and she slaps Madhav. But to her utter dismay, Madhav will push her and she will get hit on the stomach and will collapse on the floor. Further ahead, during the sangeet ceremony, Pradeep will get a call from the hospital saying that Mona has been admitted and due to an accident, she has had a miscarriage.

Pradeep's expression turns from shock to utter disbelief as he stares at Mona who is standing right in front of him. Sources also inform that Mona fakes her pregnancy in order to save Taani and avert the family's wrath towards Taani.

When contacted, Priya Chauhan aka Taani said, "Yes there is some pregnancy confusion on the show but I cannot reveal more or else it will spoil the suspense".

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