Byah Hamari Bahu Ka Secret Revealed

Byaah Hamari Bahu Ka goes for a change in storyline

Shrenu Parekh (Rajnibala)
It  has been consistently updating our readers about each and every development from the small screen. Once again, we are here with some exclusive dope from the grapevine. As per the latest update, Hats Off Production’s Byaah Hamari Bahu Ka that has been kept under the scanner by the channel (Sony Entertainment Television), will now undergo some changes with a revamp in the storyline.
Yes, you have heard it right! The makers have decided to change the storyline entirely without changing the title. As known earlier, the show was about to revolve around the three leads with a love triangle, but now the show will take a turn where Rajnibala (Shrenu Parekh), would be affirmed as a surrogate mother. Confused? Read on to know better.
In the show now, the story will focus on a new angle where it will be revealed that Rajnibala, before getting married into the Vaishnav family, had been a surrogate mother to a kid for some reasons. As the story proceeds, Rajnibala will get to know that the kid has been bereaved as its mother is no more in this world. Knowing that the child is hers, she starts developing feelings for the kid and wants to go back to her loved one.
Eventually the family will learn about the truth and will plan to get their ‘bahu’ married to the guy (with whom he gave birth to the child) and unite her with the kid.
With the track in place, the makers are now hunting for a new male lead who would essay the role of the father’s role. Moreover, it is also heard that in order to save the show, the makers are eyeing to rope a big name from the industry to play the male lead.
Will this big name save the show from going off air? Will this changing storyline sideline Gaurav Khanna from being the lead? Will this change in the track bring improvement in the show’s TRPs? Only time will decide!
We tried contacting JD Majethia for his comment but he remained unavailable.


  1. plz CVs, dont do this.........we cant see rajnibala with someone else other than krish......if this happen, the show will definitely go off air very soon bcz krish & rajnibala's chemistry is awesome & their jodi is also good looking.

  2. why would you do that!! krish is so sweet and a nice husband why would they hurt him like that by getting his wife married to someone else. people are going to stop watching the show if krish and rajni's marriage breaks. i hate when they change the whole story around and give it twists, it ruins the show and viewers just get mad. i know for a fact if they get rajni married to someone else i will stop watching the show!!