Bade Acche Lagte Hain and Kya Hua Tera Vaada Maha Episode

Who Will Actually Die   ?    

Balaji telefilms's shows that are Bade acche lagte hai & Kya hua tera Vaada Both are at the Messy turning  points.At present, in
Kya hua tera vaada-Mona & Pradeep both are fighting against there relationship & Anushka for Shurya Murder case the case is already had one hearing resulting Pradeep with low poles of Freedom...
whereas in Bade acche lagte hai-There is great messup of every relationship where Ram &Priya standing against each other for the custody case of peehu.
According to new promo both the show togetherly face there issues protecting each other..this can help a lot in the publicity of both the shows...
In the upcoming episodes of Bade acche lagte hai we will see that Priya wons the custody case ,.where as in Kya hua tera vaada Mona & Pradeep wins the Shaurya murder case.

Also there r the forward steps in Taani &  Taruns relationships.its predicted that In one of the Marriage or rIng seremoney function of Taani & Tarun  Ram & Priya  will visit the function for there wishes where Anushka in the anger of loosing the case comes to revenge mona in the form of her life. & After observing this Pradeep,Ram,Priya & Mona comes to protect each other where Ram is being Targeted by Anushka.

It will be quite intresting to see what are the effects  of this incident in the lives of all four of them in the upcoming episodes of both of both the shows

Imp:-Ram Kapoor mentioned In his tweets  that he will not quit the show even due to his Films

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  1. THANK GOD!!! i thought ram was gonna die!!! i cudnt tolerate the news....ram CANNOT QUIT!!! thanq sonytellynews!!! the shows r gonna take interesting turns...lets wait n watch!! u hav proved all d other telly news channels WRONG!! :)