Will Niharika return from the dead?

Eva Grover hints at the possibility, but we wonder how it could be possible

Niharika Kapoor met her ill-fated end in Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Monday night. Or so we thought. Everything was clearly shown –the car crash, her last words in the hospital, her last breath and her relatives bemoaning her death. There was no confusion hinted at anywhere and we didn’t expect to see any ambiguous scenes either, since Eva Grover, who plays Niharika, had already stated that she was quitting the show. Then why did she tell us that she might come back?

In a recent interview to BL, Eva insisted that she left the show because producer Ekta Kapoor admitted that Niharika would not be an interesting character after the storyline leaped forward by five years. However, she also added that no one really knows what goes on in Ekta’s mind, and since the body was not shown, you couldn’t tell for sure that Niharika won’t be back. But the body was shown in Monday night’s episode. Niharika’s death is confirmed. Didn’t Eva realise that when she shot it? Of course, Ekta is known for bringing the dead back to life – Mihir Virani and Ansh in Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Piyush in Kahiin Toh Hoga, Bani in Kasamh Se or Anurag Basu in Kasautii Zindagi Kay. Why should Niharika be an exception?

Or is this going to be some diabolical twist where a Niharika doppelganger makes her appearance and adds to the entire jhamela that the show seems to have become? We wonder. But for now, we need a break to sort all this out in our very confused minds…

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