Gaurav Khanna will always remain the main lead – JD Majethia

Gaurav Khanna will always remain the main lead – JD Majethia 

Sony TV's newest show on the block was in news for all the wrong reasons, recently. It was reported that Byaah Hamari Bahoo Ka was under the scanner within mere 4 weeks of airing because of poor TRPs. Besides rumours about drastic changes in story tracks, bad blood between cast members etc had made the fans of the show a bit concerned about the shows future. Fuze got in touch with JD Majethia, the producer of the show, who cleared all rumours and set the records straight.

Is ‘Byaah Hamari Bahoo ka’ heading for a major change in storyline?
Well, in a daily soap a few periodical changes have to be made in the storyline as the show progresses and it all depends upon the viewers liking. We tend to try new tracks and take them forward only if they are working for the show.

Is Rajnibala’s surrogacy track being considered?
There are various options being considered at the moment. Initially, we had a few ideas in mind about the reason for the byah but nothing has been finalised as of now. So far, the feedback we have received on this possible track, is been negative and we will surely plan the upcoming track keeping this in mind .For now, I cannot comment on whether we will take this route or try something else, we have pitched a few options and will work around them to shape the story accordingly.

What do you have to say about the rumours of the show going off air?
The show is obviously not going off air. My logic is that all shows have to end one day and the shows that do not garner high numbers, are not supported by the advertisers on the channel as they are only interested in numbers, not the product. My job is to make a good product and I will keep doing that.

If there is a change in story, will Gaurav Sharma, the new entry play a parallel lead?
Gaurav Khanna and Shrenu Parikh are the main leads of the show and in soaps there is always space for two to three hero/heroines, nobody goes out as such, unless there is a drastic reaction from the audience.

Is it true that Gaurav Khanna’s role might get sidelined if the story changes?
No, not at all. We may add new characters but Vaishnav family will always be the prime family and Gaurav Khanna will always remain the main lead of the show. Like in the case of Amar Akbar Anthony where all three characters played an equally important role, we may add supporting cast if needed but that doesn’t take away anything from the existing characters. So, Gaurav Khanna will absolutely remain the lead always.

Is the channel responsible for the change in storyline?
It’s always a mutual decision between us and the channel and Sony has been very cooperative. We always plan and discuss the tracks together.

Is there a change in the time slot planned?
Not for now. Since the show is fortunately showing positive signs and an upward graph we are happy and hopeful that the numbers will pick up with time.

Why are the promos for the show aired so late?
It is not the channel’s fault. We were surprised by the initial numbers of Byah Hamari... and now we are taking the story day by day and gradually trying new ways to see what is been liked by the viewers .And with this strategy, it gives us no time to have a bank of episodes as the shoots don’t happen much in advance .We do try to shoot and air promos but it’s a catch 22 situation for us right now and it’s not always possible.

Do you think Byah Hamari would have worked better if aired at a different time slot ?
Yes, definitely. Because 8pm is a very competitive slot and it garners ratings around 12 collectively across all satellite channels .So, it is one of the toughest time slot and Byah Hamari would have done better if aired at a different time. But, the show has been good so far and it is showing an upward graph. The collective ratings of the two repeats is 1.8, which is more than the main time slot .It is a good sign and tells us that the show is being liked by people.

Are you happy with the way your Star Plus show Ek doosre se karte hain pyar hum is shaping up?
Ek Doosre Se karte hain pyar hum is a very exclusive show.The way the product is progressing, I am happy with the content but I am expecting more numbers at that time slot.
Have you planned any changes to the story to bring the numbers up and is the romantic track added to help in the same?
No, not for now. We have paced up the story but there have been no changes as such. The romantic track was always on the cards and Tejal and Aniket were planned to get romantically linked, so we are going by the original plot and everything on the show is going like it was planned at the beginning without bringing any major changes to the story.

Is Hats Off planning any new shows?
R.K Laxman ki Duniya is on air already on SAB TV and we recently launched our fourth show Alakshmi on Life OK which is doing good. We will see how it goes for a couple of months  and might think of a new show once the other four have settled down. After launching four shows, I am taking a break and am off to Europe for a holiday.

The viewers can now be confident about the shows future, as evident by JD Majethia’s optimistic answers and we at Fuze, would like to wish the shows a long and successful run on television.

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