Ram-Gautami celebrates there platinium d-of love

Celebrity couple Ram & Gautami Kapoor set off the festive mood by celebrating their Platinum Day of Love at Ranka Jewellers, Pune. Ram Kapoor said, "Platinum for me signifies everlasting love, which needs to be celebrated in the most special way. Gautami and I already have our wedding bands in platinum and we wanted to celebrate our Platinum Day of Love with platinum jewellery. The wide platinum range at Ranka Jewellers is truly charismatic and exhibits the same confidence, which I have in our everlasting love." Gautami added, "I am thrilled beyond words to exchange precious platinum jewellery with my husband. Being a woman, I am definitely very fond of jewellery. But this platinum necklace is not just a piece of jewellery for me, but is something that is symbolic of the extraordinary relationship that I share with my husband and defines who we are. It holds a very special place in my heart." — Ram & Gautami Kapoor celebrate their Platinum Day of Love

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