Ram Kapoor to shed flab but only on screen

He has had no qualms about being overweight, as it has not made any bit of a difference in the viewers love and liking for him. In fact Ram Kapoor has always tried to look at the positive side of being overweight, as it that very thing that has separated him from his competitors.
But now it seems that Ram Kapoor is having some serious thoughts regarding losing some weight. But there is a catch in his decision, as it will only be for his reel life role and not for the real life. The upcoming episodes of, Balaji Telefilms, "Bade Achhe Lagte Hain", will highlight the reason for Ram wanting to shed some kilos.
Insecure with the growing closeness between Priya and Rajat, Ram will start having inferiority complex about his overall look and personality. In an attempt to woo Priya back, Ram decides to go in for some weight loss and groom himself to be a fit and healthy person.
He appoints Shania (Shiwani Chakraborty) as his dietician, and under her guidance Ram will follow a strict routine of diet and exercise. It will be interesting for the audience to see how far Ram succeeds in his mission

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